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How to Deliver Motivation from Quotes

March 08, 2021

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This episode is part of a mini-instructor focused series leading up to my free masterclass: Your Three Steps to Fitness Instructor Mastery; How Mastering Musicality, Marketing, and Motivation will Help You Level Up, Fill Classes & Change Lives

In today's episode:
 I introduce the webinar and my motivations for teaching others the things I *Wish I KNEW* before teaching
Talk about the significance and timing of the webinar coinciding with my mom's passing and my grief journey since
Break down how to find inspiration from quotes and give you a swipe-able example of a quote that inspired me and how I led it live!
This bite-sized episode is meant to kick you into action and walk into the instructor you were always meant to be by using inspirational communication that doesn't feel awkward or icky or too personal... hint: motivation is about making riders/clients feel something, not about telling our most intimate stories.

Grab a coffee (or prosecco), throw in the airpods and get motivating!

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