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It's time to start your instructor journey and tap into your magic.

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An online mini-course that teaches you everything you need to know before you hit the podium and slay your audition.


x Eagerly awaiting an audition and have no idea how to prep for the podium

x Wondering which indoor cycling certification will give you a leg up on the competition

x Not sure what you need to master before you start training with your studio 

x Twiddling your thumbs wondering how to approach your favourite studio owner about teaching

x Curious AF about what instructors get paid and how you can make a living doing what you love

Let me guess, you're:

Hey front row rider... 

let's be friends!

I'm a DJ-turned spin instructor and podcaster who doubles as an award-winning communications & marketing director.

(Think Superman, but my spandex is usually Lululemon). My areas of genius: marketing, musicality, and motivation... and making people cry in class.

I've launched three 10k + Instagram accounts with international followings, headlined and toured as a DJ, and have led thousands of waitlisted spin classes: both in-person and virtually. My tagline: Yes You Can.

...but it wasn't always this way. Even with a master's degree in communications and leadership, my first few months on the podium felt like the most anxious of my life. I couldn't believe how easy my favourite instructors made it look, and was desperate to speed up the learning process.

If this a *head nodding* moment for you- I can't wait for you to read on.

Hello lovely! I'm Hannah.


let me help.
(I'm great at it)

Instructor role overview: compensation structure, studio expectations

Coaching & language lesson: glossary and definitions and how to use cues effectively

Voice and projection lesson: how to speak into a microphone while teaching+ voice exercises

Audition Prep: 2 part lesson series, how to apply, how to prep, how to choose winning tracks, and must-do cues

What's included:

Podium Prep is the only online course full of everything you need to know before you hit the podium. Delivered in video lessons and a PDF manual, you'll get 8 lessons that will make sure you slay any audition.

Social media lesson: how to start building a following and key actions to take now 


What I expected and what I actually got blows my mind.  

I signed up Instructor Magic because I wanted my opportunity to learn from the best and was so desperate for connection. Her curriculum was not only thought out and in depth, it’s full of gold nuggets that guarantee success. I’ve loved seeing my now friends fly and kick down doors and sell out classes, and her impact on me is one that will last forever.

Thank you Hannah, you are the best mentor ever and I cannot wait for round 2. 

Hannah is the real deal. The curriculum she created is concise, professional, and meaningful. She’s passionate and authentic- huge part of why I chose her. After my 4 week mentorship (did someone say round 2?!) I can confidently call myself a motivator. I’ve also been able to incorporate all the tricks into my everyday life as a 5th grade teacher. (just out here trying to make ya feel something and be the best ya can be!) In return, I’ve now created so many friends from all over the world- some who I now chat to daily.

“If you’re currently a fitness instructor or an aspiring one that is dedicated to growing your skill (and specially want to build your ability to motivate, create a full experience, and give everyone in your classes -the feels-), then I cannot recommend Hannah's courses enough! Hannah has done a truly incredible job putting together this online course...There’s something for everyone in this program, and aside from all the knowledge drops and free tools, it was also a damn fun time. 

She is a go getter who truly cares and wants to pave the road for inspiring spin instructors.

Meeting Hannah over Zoom helped me reignite the spark and passion I had for spin. She shared a ton of her knowledge when it came to spin (how to create a playlist, order of tracks, finding your unique teaching style). And in addition to that, Hannah took the time to answer any of my questions and wanted to know my spin journey story. 

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All the rumours are true.



I feel so lucky to just get started on my coaching journey and to have a support and guidance like this!


For less than $16 a lesson.

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Podium Prep is an online mini-course with 8 modules that gets you from clueless to cued up for the start of your instructor journey. You can access this course absolutely anytime (like, for lifetime) and take it at your own speed.

No homework, no pressure- just pure honest information and self-paced study to get prepped for future auditions or training programs.

Learn from someone who's been exactly where you are, has trained more than a hundred new instructors, and wants to see you slay your audition.

To sum up...

The best thing about this course is that you have access to the modules, videos, and workbooks FOR-EV-ER. This means you can re-take the course again and again when you need. There is no live component to Podium Prep.

What kind of commitment should I expect to give? 

The goal is to develop confidence and a PLAN going into any audition, knowing how to pitch yourself, apply, and what to do once you've got one scheduled. Your results depend completely on your work ethic and motivation to commit to and adopt the teachings.

What kind of results can I expect? 

Nope- this is the PERFECT TIME to sign up for Podium Prep. This course is designed for aspiring instructors to set you up for success going into an audition. 

I'm an aspiring instructor. Is this going to be over my head? 

You got questions? I've got assurance.

All the way down here? 

 Podium Prep is a self-paced course with no 1:1 coaching component and is meant to bridge the knowledge gap between riding and joining a training program with a focus on Audition Prep. If you want to work with me or join a community of working instructors, Instructor Magic is a better option for you. You can get on the waitlist here.

Who shouldn't purchase Podium Prep?

It's my belief that rhythm cycling has endless choreography possibilities, and your style will usually reflect the studio (and region) you're hoping to teach in.
In Podium Prep you get a a breakdown of appropriate choreography for BPM ranges, and in the Audition lesson, we talk about what choreography is best for presenting at your audition. 

Do you teach choreography?

Podium Prep gets you ready for a studio's training program or audition process. The learning outcomes are to get you up to speed on everything you need to know to rock an audition and prep for the start of your instructor journey. Podium Prep gets you ready to hit the podium, whereas Instructor Magic is a more comprehensive program developed for new and working instructors. 

How is Podium Prep different than Instructor Magic?

Other questions? Review my terms & conditions or shoot me an email to info@hannahrosepr.com!

isn't it time you started your instructor journey?