If you're looking for a coach to work with  you to scale your impact, sales and reach without getting lost in the writing + tech...

I'm Hannah. An Award-Winning Marketing and Communications Leader, Coach + Strategist 


I help brilliant entrepreneurs and LEADERS OF organizations launch campaigns, products, and get visible with ORGANIC MARKETING

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If you want to launch a course in the next three months, I'll help you get there.My 3 month coaching package means we race to the finish line together.

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For those entrepreneurs with existing offers who want a VIP intensive cocktail of copywriting and launch strategy:
done in one day. 

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Total Launch Formula is my coaching program where I teach entrepreneurs how to launch, scale, and sell their first online offer to generate passive income on repeat.

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I'm a spin instructor, educator, and podcaster who doubles as an award-winning communications & marketing director. 

I work hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs and coaches business consultation in the areas of sales, marketing, and PR, with a focus on organic community building and growth.

What this actually means: I work with you to package what you love to do  into offers that sell in the digital product landscape,  craft your messaging and build automated systems for client attraction and retention.

My superpower: visionary strategy and tactical implementation with a dash (okay, more like a dollop) of motivation. 

...but also big motivation, and 'YES YOU CAN' ENERGY comin' in hot.

Welcome to Strategy Central.

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Piper Riley Thompson, Ontario Bar Exam Coach

Hannah’s coaching was the best investment I could have made for my business. In a single launch, I exceeded my launch revenue goal – which also surpassed the revenue from my entire previous year in business.

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Business, marketing, motivation... sprinkled with musings on what makes life magical. 

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